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If you decide that Skype sex is your cup of tea, treat it as an experience as real and intimate as sex itself.It will leave you physically satisfied and rejuvenated and will strengthen the bond that is keeping you and your significant other together across the distance.

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Be confident in your attractiveness and sex appeal: your partner is already attracted to you and distance only augments the desire.Be generous, but also make sure you are left happy and satisfied. When you set a Skype date with a twist, make it as private as possible. Go for the bed and not the chair—you want to have enough room to move.Keep your eyes on your boyfriend/girlfriend on the screen, but be in touch with your own body too: looking at your image in the little square that appears in the corner of the screen will remind you of the fun and sensual activity you are partaking of and will give you confidence.Today, we read these myths of long-suffered long-distance relationships like romantic tales of old, to which it is hard to relate.In the age of technology and the ’s, when you can flip through an entire book on a flat screen and have an hour-long phone call while looking at the interlocutor’s face, it is hard to imagine being out of touch with your significant other.The most important rule here is, mutual trust is extremely important in any sexual relationship, and you have to be very comfortable with every aspect of your physical and spiritual connection with the other person before jumping into the realm of virtual pleasure.

Another warning: the concept of Skype sex may seem dangerously close to the kinds of sexual representation that make us raise our brows in disgust and anger, turn away from the computer screen and raise a complaint to whomever we see fit in the particular situation.

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Sustaining a 6,000 mile gap without 6,000 mile-long junk can be a bit of a hassle, if not a hustle to and fro.

Some choose to open the relationship up for the sake of satisfying minimum physical needs while others decide to take the martyr route and stay monogamous.

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