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Style guide to online dating

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Online profiles with multiple images get more clicks, so put as many photos on there as you can.

It’s important to remember that the dialogues you have with people are influenced by the artificial surroundings of the digital realm and they do not carry the same weight as talking in the real world.FIND THE DATING APP/SITE THAT SUITS YOU It seems that there’s a dating website or app for every preference under the sun; there are sites for the nymphomaniac; Passion, the gold-digger; Sugar Daddy UK, the oldie; Mature Dating UK and the philanderer; Illicit Encounters.Specially aimed at the younger generation who might be coy about using website dating, there are also a range of dating apps like Tinder, Happn and Hinge – all slightly different in the way that they enable you to connect and communicate.Getting your friends involved is about much more than just building a stand-out profile.Having friends and family supporting your dating journey is invaluable – from getting opinions on potential matches to helping with outfit choices or date suggestions.This is the opportunity to speak to people from different walks of life and backgrounds, to find out what you like and dislike, so get to know as many people as possible.

Often people find one person they like the look of then fixate on that person, planning an imaginary future together from the first “hello”.

Women may go for a bit of a jerk or a bad boy in the club – but usually they’ve been driven to online dating because they’re not meeting the ‘right sort’ of man.

As a result you should aim to come across as nice, considerate and charming.

Whether your date was good, bad or ugly, that all-important debrief with a friend can be one of the most enjoyable parts.

Plus you will find your friends love to live vicariously through you – dating tales make great entertainment! When people are searching through dating profiles online, the photograph is probably the first thing they see so you need to make sure you nail it.

With new dating sites and apps popping up on a daily basis, navigating the world of internet dating can be a confusing process and many of us may still find the idea of meeting a stranger online a little daunting. Online daters may be looking for long-term love, to have some fun or to broaden their social circle. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you feel mentally prepared to do it and that you have realistic expectations. When it comes to your profile, two (or more) heads are better than one as it can sometimes be a struggle to describe yourself.