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Texas dating violence policy tasb

Texas Education Code (TEC) §38.004 covers child abuse reporting and programs.It specifies that: TEC §38.0042 requires all school campuses to post in at least one high-traffic area, in both English and Spanish, a poster, at student eye-level, with information that includes the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) Abuse hotline telephone number, instructions to call 911 and directions to the

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Safe Schools, Healthy Students The SS/HS Initiative is a unique Federal grant-making program designed to prevent violence and substance abuse among our Nation's youth, schools, and communities.The links listed below contain information relating to student discipline from the U. Department of Education: Office of Safe and Healthy Students The Office of Safe and Healthy Students replaced the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools effective Sept. It is housed within the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.The office administers, coordinates, and recommends policy for improving health and safety in schools.Marlene Wyatt, Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P. Associate, and Sarah Orman, TASB Legal Services Senior Attorney, covered what Title IX coordinators need to know about state laws and local policies on bullying, cyberbullying, dating violence, and sexting.Teen Dating Violence Policy, TX Education Code 37.0831 (formerly HB121) TX Education Code 37.0831 mandates that each school district in Texas adopt and implement a dating violence policy.While there are many ways to come into compliance with this new legislation we do not recommend one single program or curriculum to serve this purpose.

If you have questions regarding a program or curricula you are interested in, please contact the Prevention Team at [email protected]

Changes relevant to the dating violence policy requirement are found on page 4 (in the middle of the page discussing prohibited behavior) and in the Glossary on page 40.

Below are the 7 standards to ensure compliance with the code.

Dropout Prevention Information The link above contains information, statistics and resources about Texas dropout rates, policy, and programs.

As mandated reporters, educators and other school staff must remain informed on the topic of child abuse.

Sarah Orman, TASB Legal Services Senior Attorney, reviewed the history of Title IX, covering laws and regulations, prominent court cases, and the roles of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and the Title IX Coordinator.