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Updating mac video drivers

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So, I wanted to upgrade my NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 680MX video driver, just in case it might have become corrupt.

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Hi Strung, let me address your questions individually. So, what I wanted to do is *reload* the driver to make sure its not corrupt. I have not gone to the console logs to view the error messages before a crash. Cleaning out a virus is not something I want to do.* Visit the Web site of the device manufacturer if the device was preinstalled on your computer and the computer manufacturer does not have an updated driver.Look for a Drivers section or a Download section on the manufacturer's Web site, and search for the device name.Use Finder to locate the file: Finding the Tribal Trouble settings file Finding the Tribal Trouble settings file Step 2: Edit the "settings" file Once you have found the "settings" file, double-click it to open it in a text editor and add the following lines: use_vbo=false use_fbo=false use_pbuffer=false Save the file when you are done, and try running Tribal Trouble again.Editing the settings file Editing the "settings" file What I can do for you is showing you the information below,wish for help.I've uninstalled Norton 360 and reinstalled a fresh version from the Norton site.

I've run the Apple hardware system tests multiple times in both standard (about 5 minutes) and extended mode (over 2 hours) and each time I get -- "no problems found." I've rebooted and done it again and again and still nothing on the hardware side.

Use NSProcess Info's operating System Version property to get correct system version number.

Call location: Are my Safari cache databases corrupt? By the way, what is the Web Kit the logs keep referring to?

Use the following methods to enable Windows to recognize your device.

Method 1: Windows Update Visit the following Microsoft Web site to see whether the Web site autodetects an updated driver for your device. Method 2: Download and install the latest driver from the Internet When you download a driver from the Internet, download the Windows XP version of the driver when multiple Windows versions are listed.

Use one of the following options: * Visit the Web site of the computer manufacturer if the device came with the computer.