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Updating prius gps

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The company is attributing the origin of the fire to an external cause, probably vandalism.

Bolloré's proposal was to fund the entire infrastructure, install and provide the vehicles, and cover the costs of maintenance and repairs.The ruling implied that the name had to be changed on all 1,800 Autolib' cars, docking stations and subscriber cards, and also required that all of the scheme's advertising to be rewritten.In November 2012, an agreement was reached to keep the Autolib' brand name.Consequently, by updating your maps you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.Driving with an outdated map could cost you more than updating would! With Map-Updates you can trust your Toyota navigation system to keep you on track. Map-Updates enable the best possible route calculation for the options ‘short’ and 'quick’.Please refer to FAQs for the limitations of the application.

Autolib' is an electric car sharing service which was inaugurated in Paris, France, in December 2011.

Europcar is the trademark owner of the rental car subscription service "Autoliberté", which has been in operation since 2001.

On 30 June 2012, the Paris Court of Appeal set aside the judgment of the High Court, and ruled that within a month Autolib' had to change its name because it breached trademark laws.

Bolloré furthermore expressed interest in launching a car-sharing service in Asia.

The Autolib’ Bluecar is available to anyone aged 18 or older with a valid French driving license, or a valid foreign license plus the international driving license, who takes out a paid subscription.

The Autolib' system is a follow-up to Paris' successful Velib' bike sharing scheme, which began operations in 2007.