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Updating the blackberry storm

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Our commitment to protecting our homeowner's income is not just our company’s culture, it is also 100% guaranteed.

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Let us show you how we can increase your revenue while decreasing your expenses today!I know the cabin is probably a bit harder to rent because of the lack of the traditional game room loft and we appreciate all your efforts in getting it booked.Thank you again for all your help, it's truly appreciated. - I have had the pleasure of working with American Patriot Getaways (APG) as my 'managing company' for my cabin rental property for 11 years.We love how the cabin is turning out, two more renovation projects planned for next year 1) Updating the upstairs bathroom with a new "live edge vanity, vessel sink and faucet set, powerflush toilet and shower fixtures.2) Installing stairs down to the crawl space, making it safer for the maintenance people when they need to get down there and fix something.I know my constant emails probably make you cringe when you see my name but with this being a whole new venture for us, there was some nervousness.

I truly appreciate all the support you and your teams have provided. If you had told me we'd book 242 nights in the first year I'd probably have raised an eyebrow but that's what we did, essentially from March 1st thru December 31st (9 days in January and zero in February).

If I want to do some upgrades to the cabins they are quick to offer help and suggestions.

Matt has built many cabins and owns some himself in addition to being General Manager for Patriot Getaways, so is a great resource to have available.

- We have 4 cabins on the Patriot Getaways Management Program and could not be more pleased with our partnership with them on managing the properties for us.

I am a pretty active owner and value the relationship we have developed with the General Manager, Matt Naas, and his quick and pertinent responses to us.

You never have to worry about a "slow start" when choosing to partner with American Patriot Getaways.