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Updating version number at compile time

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Once you have updated your software, make sure you restart your system, as this will finalize the process, by removing any unnecessary installation files from the system.The compile error in hidden module problem should be rectified, if it was caused by the Symantec products on your computer.

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Support on how to successfully update your software can be found on the Symantec website, which should show you how to navigate any potential problems.This will take you to the Application Data Folder, from here, double click on Microsoft.4. Lastly delete and (if they exist) by right clicking on them and selecting Delete.If the method mentioned above didn’t fix the problem, then you should look into updating your version of Adobe Acrobat.The exact error message may vary (as seen below), but the overall cause remains consistent.After this error message appears, you will be presented with an error report window, which will supply you with additional information relating to the error.The instructions on how to do this are as follows:1.

First, ensure you’ve booted into your computer with administrative rights.2. %appdata% - ok" width="425" height="224" srcset="https:// https:// sizes="(max-width: 425px) 100vw, 425px" /3.

You should also be able to remove the application(s) from the Add or Remove Programs wizard; for more information on how to access and utilise this tool, I suggest you check out my post on fixing runtime error 1004.

Note: It’s very important that you have an anti-virus tool running on your computer.

In many instances, it can be very difficult to work out exactly what the problem is, based on the ambiguous error messages you are presented with, and so, individuals have to take it upon themselves to carry out the necessary research to correct the problem.

Then we come to the compile error in hidden module, which occurs on both Microsoft Word and Excel, while individuals attempt to start these applications.

You may also want to look into uninstalling any Symantec products on your computer.