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Updating your wardrobe

But, to spare myself from getting overwhelmed, from buying more than I need, and to focus a bit, I just focus on the biggest areas of need first.

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It’s infrequently enough for me to only need two options to run in and do laundry in time for the next week.At lunchtime move to the more bohemian El Raval neighbourhood for tapas, as well as a selection of second-hand clothes stores to find some unique outfits.Arrive with an empty suitcase and leave the Catalan capital with a full one!However, I walked my friend through this exact process the other day, and overall it took less than an hour–and that was with 4 toddlers running around.For what it’s worth, this way we know we’re not wasting our purchases because we already have outfit formulas all of these pieces will be used in! As well as the department stores, Barcelona is full of new designers for you to discover.

Head for the El Born district, where you're sure to find something you will love amongst all the fashion boutiques.

Here is a systematic plan to give your wardrobe a makeover without breaking your budget.

Step 1: Clean and Organize Taking inventory ensures you won’t unnecessarily spend on items you don’t need.

You could also do it on a larger scale as opposed to a minor update, but I would still start with only 3-4 outfit formulas.

Once you get those going, you can go back and get more pieces and/or work with more outfit formulas.

I’ve already put ALL of the 5 pieces I bought to use in heavy rotation since getting them. When you’re ready, focus on a new area and repeat steps 4-8!