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My SQL’s query cache stores the results of previously executed queries.

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(My SQL people sometimes use the word “query” when the meaning is “statement”.) This is a number within your session, not a global number, so each connection’s query_id value starts with 1.

Each time the program reaches a new stage, this number goes up by 1.

duration The my_getsystime() function in sql/my_getsystime.c gets time of day with one of: clock_gettime() available on many Unix systems Query Performance Counter() Windows only NXGet Time() Net Ware only gettimeofday() the default if there’s nothing else All these time-of-day functions are slow on most platforms, but they only get called a few times per statement, because a typical statement has ten or fewer “Stages”.

To get “Duration”, My SQL just subtracts time-of-day [for the previous stage] from time-of-day [for the current stage].

Since My SQL tends to use a thread-per-connection model, it might be most interesting to know “how long did this process take for this thread” rather than “how long did it take for the whole process (which includes other threads)”.