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In addition, 14% of online adults — and 17% of smartphone owners — use apps that automatically delete the messages they send, such as Snapchat or Wickr.

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However, these apps are relatively popular with older smartphone owners as well: 37% of smartphone owners age 30 to 49 and 24% of those ages 50 and older use mobile messaging apps.Various discussion forums have been in existence since the dawn of the web.Indeed, a 2002 Pew Research survey found that 25% of online adults had participated in online chat rooms or discussions.As with many of the platforms and services discussed in this report, young adults are especially likely to use Tumblr: 20% of online adults age 18 to 29 do so. While Facebook remains the most popular social media site among internet users, it was the only platform not to see significant growth among internet users since 2012.Tumblr usage is also particularly high among urban residents: 16% of urban internet users use Tumblr, compared with 8% of suburban residents and just 3% of rural residents. Today, 72% of online adults use Facebook, a change that is not statistically significant from the 67% who did so in 2012.These types of discussion sites are relatively popular among young adults – 23% of those 18 to 29 say they use online discussion forums.

In addition, online men are more likely than online women to use discussion forums (20% vs. One-in-ten online adults (10%) use Tumblr, a slight increase from the 6% who did so the last time Pew Research asked in December 2012.

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Over the past four years, almost all of the major social media platforms that are consistently tracked in Pew Research surveys have seen a significant increase in the proportion of U. Other sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), have experienced significant growth between 20.

Today 31% of online adults use Pinterest, up from 15% in 2012.

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