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White label dating twitter

It also sees 15m impressions and 5m unique visitors every day, and has 500,000 registered email subscribers.CEO and co-founder of White Label Dating, Steve Pammenter said: “Religion is right on up there in terms of successful performance and with the strength of the Catholic Online brand, the size of their database and the strong conversion rates we’re seeing in the US right now, we’re confident that we’l see the partnership go from strength to strength.” Catholic Online.

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This update means that each dashboard will now be available on an external URL (similar to existing reports) that you can share with clients.The partnership with White Label Dating will see the company launch a dating site designed to target Catholics looking to find love with other Catholics. Singles will also help Catholic Online monetise its significant user base.Catholic Online has 2.8m likes on Facebook, 102k Instagram followers and 20k followers on Twitter.Two former employees of Global Personals have described to Channel 4 News how the company carried out industrial-scale deception to dupe innocent daters into parting with their cash.Ryan Pitcher and Tom (not his real name – he does not want to be identified) were recruited to join Global Personals’ 30-strong team of “pseudos” – a dedicated team of staff whose job it was to set up and run fake profiles on the company’s network of sites.That is because it runs dating websites on behalf of other companies.

For example, if you use the dating section of the Evening Standard or the Independent, it’s actually Global Personals you’re signing up with.

You also have plenty of control over what data is displayed in the external dashboard so you can control which data your clients can & can’t view.

This means you can quickly & easily view your own or your clients Twitter activity over a set period of time.

We’ve released Twitter integration, as well as a White-Label version of the Location Dashboard.

Twitter integration " class="share-pinterest share-btn pinterest"Following the release of our Location Dashboard last month, we can now announce 2 further, exciting updates.

This update means you can integrate Twitter into your Bright Local dashboard, allowing you to monitor social performance for each of your Clients or Locations.