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Who is eva mendes dating now

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They are infatuated with each other.”" data-reactid="19" is only bringing you the super important news now that Ryan and Eva tied the knot earlier this year.They are infatuated with each other.”Us, telling the magazine, “I know I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with.” When asked what the one quality he desired in a woman was, he said, “That she’s Eva Mendes.

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"She loves going out." Ryan, meanwhile, preferred the quiet, "homebody" life.The Canadian-born actor has reportedly gone back to his home country to take "time out of the limelight to refocus." Ryan has been romantically linked to Rachel Mc Adams, Sandra Bullock and Blake Lively, while Eva was in a long-term relationship with musician George Gargurevich for almost a decade. Ryan and Eva started out as your average celebrity couple in that they didn't exactly invite attention, nor did they eschew it, but there were walks to grab coffee, some date nights and a trip to Disneyland, as well as two red carpet appearances—to date, the only water in the photographic well. Am told by several people who saw them that they seemed very comfortable together. But it still feels like he’s Meaning that Ryan’s becoming kind of a man-whore. He had his hand on the small of her back whenever they’d be entering a gate and at one point she had her hand lightly on his ass while they were waiting for a pick up. And it never lasts very long and he always takes them to Disneyland. I mean, I get that he’s young and unattached and he likes girls and he’s going to date some high-profile ladies. She’s kind of crazy, and she has permanent Drunk-Face. Their existence as human beings is verifiable, but their status as a couple of going on seven years and the parents of two children is provable only via the sparest shreds of evidence, including a couple of birth certificates and a few spoken acknowledgements that have escaped from the actors' mouths while in a public setting.

They even did a Funny or Die video together very early on, in 2011.

Many were not aware of their relationship until the birth of their first child! Reports stated that there might be another addition to their family, but none of the photographers could make a "pregnant" picture of celebrity.

But now fans can be happy for Eva, who looks great after childbirth!

The wedding was attended by all 30 relatives and close friends.

It was also confirmed that the guests were unaware they were attending a wedding.

But in hindsight, those red carpet photos probably wouldn't even exist if they hadn't both been in a movie that needed promoting, the melancholy 2012 drama That film, for all its tear-jerker elements, provided the setting in which our heroes met and fell in love before embarking on their determined quest to live their joint life out of the spotlight.