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Who is fifi box dating 2016

I'm very sad to have finished the bottle as this scent has been the defining scent of my twenties.

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Funny where I am I don't smell it on everyone but even so I wouldn't care.My fiance also gave me the OG Coco on the birthday after, and that's what wrecked my temporary CM fling.I apologize to the CM lovers, but the OG Coco, and other vintage classics, are sooooo much better imo.But THEN ,after some years, something strange happened.My boyfriend knows I am addicted to perfumes..worked in Provence for some weeks and he brought me this from France as a present (even though he used to tell me : I will never give you any perfume, I love your natural smell !!!That is not to say that this wouldn't suit older wearers - I do think it is truly an ageless scent.

Yes, it is very popular and therefore ubiquitous, but I think it is for good reason. My fiance gave me a 50ml bottle of this for my birthday in 2015.

I love orange notes, rose, white florals, vetiver, and musk.

I also like scents that are very strong, last, and have good sillage.

It stands up extremely well against the sea of vanilla that characterizes modern mass fragrance. I loved it at the time, before I was a bit more versed in fragrance. Coco Mademoiselle is like EDM music, and the statement ones such as Youth Dew, Shalimar, Opium, Cinnabar and Coco are like classic rock. It's well constructed, and it has amazing longevity. Maybe it's the generous citrus in the formula, maybe it's my taste.

I can't pinpoint what it is, but it's just too teeny-bopperish, and conjures up the mall in my head.

It makes me feel like I'm enveloped in an expensive cashmere-soft sweater. @CIEL- Thank you for recommending the EDP Intense version for people who don't especially like the opening of Coco Mad EDP. Had it for few years, was never really a love for me, was more something fresh & classy to wear from time to time until I got bored of it, I don't see myself returning to Coco Mademoiselle, neither getting her intense sister.