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Who is ghostface dating

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Mickey was a film student at Windsor College, which Sidney and Randy also attended, who wished to be caught for his murders.

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The brutal murder of Casey and Steve caused a sensation in the town, with police investigating the entire staff and student body of Woodsboro High.When Billy or Stu attacked Sidney again at school, the students were sent home and the entire town put on a curfew.However, Stu decided to host a party at his remote house, which would be the setting for his and Billy's "final act".The police questioned him, but had no real evidence and had to release him the next day.Meanwhile, Neil Prescott became a suspect in the attack when police were unable to find him.They asked her movie trivia questions pertaining to Halloween and Friday the 13th; when she answered incorrectly, they murdered her boyfriend Steve Orth in front of her.

They then stabbed and killed Casey herself, and strung her corpse up on a tree for her parents to find.

She married Neil Prescott and had a daughter, Sidney Prescott, but had various affairs and earned a reputation around town for being a "slut".

Years later, her illegitimate son, now called Roman Bridger, tracked her down and tried to make contact, but Maureen rejected him, wanting nothing to do with what she considered Rina's child.

He manipulated the boy into taking revenge on Maureen, advising him to take a weak-willed partner to sell out in case he got caught.

Billy, who was either dating Sidney at the time or started dating her after meeting Roman, responded by brutally murdering Maureen with the help of his friend Stu Macher.

Gales Weathers cashed in on the murders with a book entitled The Woodsboro Murders, which was eventually adapted into a Hollywood movie called Stab. Loomis, found out what had happened in Woodsboro, she decided to take revenge on Sidney Prescott for murdering her son.