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Who is jason maraz dating

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Tragic actor RIVER PHOENIX shocked Hollywood with his sudden overdose death in 1993 – having spent much of his brief lifetime campaigning against drugs – but Mraz insists he won’t make the same mistake of pretending to be someone he’s not. I’ve certainly had dark periods in my life, and I could probably again. With increasing fame comes a greater impetus on touring – something that the San Diego-based homebody hardly cherishes.

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He has also studied at Longwood University based in Farmville, Virginia. He is mostly noted for his billboard hit songs I’m Yours, Make It Mine and Lucky.US singer JASON MRAZ admits he’ll always be vulnerable to the lure of drugs – despite promoting the benefits of a pure lifestyle.The organic food-munching I’m Yours troubadour has had dalliances with debauchery in the past, and he refuses to rule out a return to the dark side.“We need someone to date a model and then beat her up.” Storyteller Aside from the upheaval of travelling from one place to the next, Mraz also admits he doesn’t get the same thrill out of performing to an arena crowd of 5,000 as he does to singing down the local café.“I like the arenas cause I can bring the full band – we can make a big stink in there,” he said.Jason does not have a long dating history but he has certainly been an unlucky man when it comes to relationships. The couple went on to get married but had a divorce in 2004.

Jason was in a relationship with Tristan Prettyman.

“But I also like being a storyteller, sitting in a small café with no set list, just talking with the audience.

“That to me has always been the most rewarding way to perform.” Mraz avoids celeb parties at all costs – unless he has no choice but to attend – adding to his growing reputation as Mr Anti-Showbiz.

When was the last time you saw Mraz in a tabloid or dating some celebutante, or Twittering his every move?

Jason was born as Jason Thomas Mraz on June 23, 1977in Mechanicsville, Virginia, the United States to his parents, Tom Mraz, and June.

But singer Jason Mraz says he has gone through dark times, including struggles with drugs.