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Who is marla sokoloff dating

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On Tuesday People revealed the 34-year-old actress welcomed daughter Olive Mae Puro on Friday.If the name Olive sounds familiar that's because Drew Barrymore gave her first child, now aged two, the same moniker.'Being a parent can be challenging,' the star began.

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My mom actually had to take me out of school and homeschool me.” Despite the trouble at school, Sokoloff embraced her first major acting gig and put every ounce of energy she had into playing the rebellious Gia, which ignited her own rebellious stage."I've always had really low self-esteem, and I still do.What's weird about that is being onstage, and the love that you get, and the adoration that you feel from your real fans.Although the role was a dream come true for Sokoloff, it didn’t bring her the fame she imagined—at least not back home at school.“I was a huge fan of Full House before I was on it, like most kids in the sixth and seventh grade,” Sokoloff later confessed.Taking a chance and auditioning for a string of shows, Sokoloff made her acting debut at 12 years old in an episode of Boy Meets World and with an uncredited appearance in So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Months later, she caught her first major break when she was cast as Stephanie Tanner’s archenemy on Full House.

Sokoloff began acting at age 12 when she was cast as Gia Mahan, Stephanie Tanner's archenemy-turned best friend in the sitcom Full House.

In 1998, Sokoloff landed her most notable role as she was cast as the receptionist Lucy Hatcher in The Practice.

Wrapping up The Practice in 2004, Sokoloff starred in four episodes of Desperate Housewives but never found the same level of success as she enjoyed in her early career.

Instead, she filled her days with one-episode appearances in miniseries and made-for television films like Meteor, Maneater, Drop Dead Diva and Flower Girl.

Most recently, she’s given Full House fans exactly what they wanted by reprising her role as Gia on an episode of Fuller House.