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Who is tamara from real housewives dating

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On the dazzling surface (Tamara is a huge fan of crystals, from Swarovskis on the phones to the grape-sized engagement ring on her finger, and the house is a mere velvety backdrop to the glittering floors and artwork), it seems as though the 32-year-old lives the dream.

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The items available range from Self Portrait and Zimmermann dresses to Gianvito Rossi sandals and Taylor Morris sunglasses.Just this summer, Brazilian kidnappers threatened to behead the mother of Bernie’s 38-year-old wife, Fabiana Flosi, unless he handed over £28 million. I can’t even think about anything like that happening to my family.’She doesn’t want to talk about it any further.He didn’t, and she was found unharmed nine days later. (She and Petra didn’t attend her father’s wedding to Fabiana in 2012.) Then she adds: ‘All it did was make me think about my own daughter’s safety. Neither is she up for discussing her brother-in-law.We prepared a bunch of horny men for Tamara, a 35-year old beauty and her husband was more than shocked when he saw them all coming into their flat and misusing his wife. Tamara, a nurse from ICU, revealed her true nature; she is extremely horny and a really kinky wife. ‘All my friends know I wouldn’t pay a penny for my mother-in-law,’ 85-year-old Bernie joked later. Tamara is used to compartmentalising difficult situations.

A self-confessed daddy’s girl, she had to deal with the fallout from her parents’ split after 24 years in 2009, which she describes as ‘the darkest period’ of her life.

Tamara, who is married to former City trader Jay Rutland, 35, lives in a £70 million mansion by Kensington Palace, and, after years in Los Angeles, Petra – who has three children by billionaire art dealer and gold-bullion firm owner James Stunt – has a £68 million mansion in Chelsea.

Money aside, Tamara is, she says, old-fashioned, and wants to be judged on who she is, not what she is.

When Bernie began dating his current wife, Tamara only found out about the relationship in the newspapers. At the time she told me: ‘I guess I don’t have to ask his permission for who I date and I’m 27, so why should he at 80? I think I always hoped my parents would get back together and yes, I threw my toys out of the pram.

I didn’t want to meet her because I felt it must be awful for Mum.

‘There are definitely rooms I haven’t been in for ages,’ she says of her 57-room London pile.