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Solstice was born digital in 1990, before the advent of the Internet.

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Stars of tomorrow may take their places in this listing among stars of yesterday and today. | Austin, Robert F.--Specialist Associate Editor | Axon, Shirley | Baird, Nakia D. | Barr, David | Barrick, Brian | Batty, Michael | Beal, Fred J. | Carlberg, Jean | Caruso, Vince | Casetti, Emilio | Chattopadhyay, Surajit | Chaudhuri, Sutapa | Childers, Porter E. Below, printout of all of the first five volumes appears on the links, in suitably entitled books in the IMa Ge Monograph Series. The person downloading the Te X file then made printout on his/her own equipment. To give the reader the idea, links have been added to hard copy images, printed from the Te X file, in Volume I. Arlinghaus learned Te X from Donald Knuth's Te Xbook (working most of the exercises in the full book) and then tested her self-training by typesetting Walter Welford's Useful Optics for the University of Chicago Press. Then, search for "Arlinghaus" or for "Archimedes" (a pseudonym of Arlinghaus in the 3D Warehouse, chosen to reflect work on building structures in the Allen Creek floodplain and consequent displacement issues). When loading kmz files of buildings into Google Earth, be sure to turn off the default 3D buildings layer in Google Earth so that the default buildings do not obscure the ones being loaded. The printouts were made at The University of Michigan Computer facilities, using a Xerox 9700 equipped with special hardware to permit printouts made from Te X.

Later, when the Internet became available, Solstice switched to using it as the platform for transmission, writing documents in html rather than Te X, and ceased producing any printouts.

If the file does not load properly, as it may not when subsequent software version change the reference base (over time), consider loading the corresponding file into Sketch Up and then saving as a file from there in order to make a more current file that might work with contemporary software. Thus, a link is provided to an external site on which the full directory structure can be used to display the entire document. Thus, a zipped file of the document, retaining the directory structure of the externally linked file, is also provided. For longer files, a link to a summary document (.pdf) is provided. These books contain a wide variety of file types including 3D maps and figures, animations, applets, virtual reality files, and so forth.

When special software is needed a link is given to a free download site (which of course may change over time).

Various formats, often related to available technology of the time, appear here.

All materials from that online archive are present in Deep Blue as are all materials later than the last date for that external archive.

These are also stored in collections in the 3D Warehouse.