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Who renee zellweger dating

In an interview with correspondent Anderson Cooper, scheduled to air Sunday, the country singer denied he was gay and explained that he and Zellweger jointly decided on the "fraud" option, believing it was the "least harmful" stated reason.(Other grounds for annulment include bigamy, insanity and force.) Instead, the wording led to rampant speculation that Chesney deceived Zellweger about his sexual preferences before their marriage and that she only discovered his ruse after their May 2005 wedding in the Virgin Islands."It's not true. Maybe I should have come out and said, ' No, I'm not [gay],' but I didn't want to draw any more attention to it," Chesney told Cooper.

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This fact is of no true importance to anyone at all, but that the possibility alone was discussed among respected journalists and became a public conversation is a disconcerting illustration of news/entertainment confusion and society’s fixation on physicality.” The actress is starring in the new drama flick called Same Kind of Different as Me with Greg Kinnear, John Voight, and Olivia Holt, which is expected to release in October.She’s known Bramhall II “since I was young and living in Austin,” where she went to university, and explains, “There is a familiarity between us, that sense you have when you’re with someone and you know you are home.”In recent years, she’s made her home in London, where , the third installment in the popular franchise and in which the hapless heroine Jones becomes a mother.”“Bridget has grown up a bit,” Zellweger says, “but she’s still Bridget.She still finds herself in situations that she has to deal with the consequences of.”When she wasn’t home in London, Zellweger was traveling. “I traveled in Asia with a friend, taking a train through Vietnam and walking across the border to Cambodia.”And in 2011, she went to Liberia in support of the The Great Initiative, a small London-based gender equality charity, with British journalist and presenter Mariella Frostrup.The first time she gained weight also made her realize the emphasis on slim physiques in Hollywood when she was mocked for her curves. A post shared by Jaron Suber (@jsuber33) on calls dieting “overrated” and she’s something of an expert on the matter having tried different weight-gain and weight-loss regimes over the years.Happy 48th Birthday To Actress Icon #reneezellweger #happybirthdayreneezellweger #jerrymaguire #chicago #memyselfandirene #sharktale #beemovie #monstersvsaliens #nursebetty #newintown #cinderellaman #loveanda45 #onetruething #downwithlove #empirerecords #leatherheads #misspotter #bridgetjonesdiary #bridgetjonestheedgeofreason & #bridgetjonesbaby ?????? She stuck to the Zone Diet for a bit, which involves eating a ratio of carbs to fat to protein.Her big break came when she landed the prized lead role as Bridget Jones in 2001’s Bridget Jones’ Diary.

She was criticized for being too skinny and so she gained weight for the role and even learned to do a British accent.

No entourage.”As we previously reported, Zellweger revealed she shied away from the limelight in the last couple of years to feel more human.

I was fatigued and wasn’t taking the time I needed to recover between projects, and it caught up with me.

We’ve already got a peek of Zellweger’s new look in the latest trailer.

The A-lister has transformed her blonde locks to brown ones and looks nearly unrecognizable!

About the red carpet appearance that started it all, revealed that she was living with her friend who suffered from ALS.