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Yearbook dating

I complained and requested a complete refund along with cancellation of my account and elimination of any and all personal information. They post fake messages from fake people trying to get you to join which I did for one month. Renewal charges - Classmates charged my Pay Pal account. If not for an email from Pay Pal I would never have known.They refused and stated I would be listed in their site for two more years. Then they sold my email address and I was flooded with junk mail and charged my card another 16.50 without my permission and now refuse to refund it. The charge was for 72.00 but there was mention of it being 108.00.

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I called Pay Pal instead and Pay Pal removed the charge. I did order a reprint of my HS yearbook, but it is very poor quality.More than a year after I canceled my paid membership, I saw that they had renewed my subscription via my Discover Card every January for the last few years, this falling after I had canceled my paid membership, sent them an email about this, then apparently forgot about the situation.A year later, I again noticed a renewal on my Discover bill.Then they hit you with the charge for two full years in advance, using the old payment information from the prior year; and even if you protest that you never use the service, and even if you try to cancel THE SAME DAY the renewal period starts, they refuse to refund the advance subscription charge.This company is a bunch of professional CHEATERS who skate just inside the limits of legality.However, they went on to say that after this charge I would be a free member with no more charges. until the company is sold again or they make up new rules.

I belonged to with a paid membership for 2 years only around 2009 or 2010.

I switched my account to manual renewal again and deleted everything off their website. When I complained said they did not have a 1967 yearbook and I should have known I was getting the older book.

Credit card was going to dispute it, but found they charged me $24 last year I did not catch back then. US states attorneys made them refund 4.1 million dollars of unfair renewals. Very deceiving the way they explain the information on their website.

I contacted Discover, and they said they can only do something if I document calling Classmates and give them the date and name of the person I talked to asking for resolution of this matter. The new company did not have me as a paid member and denied billing me or receiving money from me.

Then, they said, it would be a wait until the following January to see if this fraud continued before Discover could act against them. So apparently it was the previous owner of Classmates who continued billing even though they were gone.

I never got anything out of the original membership.