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Young celebrities dating older celebrities

The two seem to be a happy couple, creating a happy family with three biological children of their own and Helene, whom Seal has adopted.Klum must be serious abut her marriage to Seal, as she has legally changed her surname from Klum to Samuel (Seal’s surname).

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Actress Felicity Huffman, 47, has been married to husband /actor William H. Theirs seems to be a happy marriage, surviving in Hollywood for over a decade (which is a rarity there). Macy has said that their relationship works because they are nice to each other.He mortgaged his home in order to get her first record financed. No wonder Dion prefers experienced men (or in this case, an experienced man, as no one knows of any other previous suitors Dion had before marrying Angélil in 1994).They have one child together and have been trying for a second.Rumors have been flying off and on that she is dating comedian Steve Martin, 64.This could be true, as in the past she has shown a preference for men her senior, including actors Alec Baldwin, 51, and Jeff Goldblum, 57.It remains to be seen if she will change her professional name to Samuel, however.

Actress Annette Bening has a history of preferring older, more experienced men.

Ford’s acting experience must not be what draws Flockhart to him, as she has admitted to never seeing him in the "Star Wars" series of movies.

Whatever you might think of their individual acting skills, or mental competency, theirs is a unique relationship.

She seriously dated Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, who is 23 years older than her and fathered her daughter, Helene.

Klum married musician Seal, 11 years older than her, in 2005.

Although the pair has been cagey about any relationship existing, photos such as this one aren’t known to lie.