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Boston worst city for dating

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State laws also differ regarding how one partner’s debt affects the other’s, so couples with debt should know whether their state observes common law or community property laws.

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To answer that question, Wallet Hub compared the 50 states across 27 key indicators of dating-friendliness.Opening the door to the smaller conversations makes it easier to broach the really serious topics.What tips do you have for saving money when dating?MYTH: Beantown boys get hitched before 30 — that is, if they're not too busy obsessing over their beloved sports teams. residents work in the entertainment industry, and plenty would rather have a real girl than a Botox babe.BUSTED: About 39 percent of Boston men have never been married, and the average age a guy gets married is 30, one of the oldest in the country. men are all about "the business" and just want the perfect piece of arm candy to accompany them to the next premiere. MYTH: With a million more unattached women than men, single gals are on a subway ride to Spinsterville.Should local authorities work to make states more attractive to single professionals? The most important (though least sexy) is affordable housing.

Married and cohabiting people can split the rent or mortgage, although single people are on their own -- unless they have roommates.

Most cities and small towns have plenty of fun things to do that cost very little money or are free.

These are often the best ways to get to know a person.

Local colleges often have free lectures and performances open to the community.

Of course, only go on a hike or isolated activity if you fully trust and feel safe with your date.

Many people will be reluctant to travel much more than a half-hour for a date that may not be a “sure thing.” When, if ever, is it appropriate to ask someone you are dating about their finances, including their credit score and amount of debt?