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Carrie anne moss keanu reeves dating

According to the script, the shots of Moss and Keanu Reeves grappling are intercut with feverish tribal dancing in which "sweat, spit, and mud fly from the growing fury with the rhythmic slap of naked feet against wet clay." Which certainly sounds fun to us, but apparently was not so pleasant for at least one of the participants."I'm definitely not a big fan of that part of the work," Moss says.

It was sweaty, too: beads of sweat no matter whether she was standing still or running or hog-tied on a spit. When she'd put it on and then put the glasses on, her whole being would change. But even watching herself in those movies felt odd.Her mother named her after the song "Carrie-Anne," by the Hollies. She almost got named Jenny Rebecca, after a Barbra Streisand hit of a previous summer. She's been "tipsy" just four or five times in her whole life.As a kid, she was never sent to the principal's office.We paid for three of them, but I took four, and I went home and cried. I don't use computers, and all those special effects go against my natural instincts.My mom took me back, and I paid for the missing piece."3. "I've never been interested in action movies," she says. So when we were on location, I decided to watch Clint Eastwood. I knew I needed to tap into that because I'm not a very still person. And I watched Clint and thought, Okay, Trinity can be still and still very powerful."4. It was polyvinyl or patent leather, depending on the scene. It was just shocking to see myself so..there." Watching herself in later movies like was a little easier, mostly because her characters were much closer to the person she is in life.And he'd say to me, 'Well, why don't you ask them if you can train?

' It kinda drove me crazy."She gets all heavy about 9.

Moss walked in and said, "Hi, I'm Carrie-Anne." Reeves said, "Hi, I'm Keanu." And then they kissed.

It was significantly more laid-back than the most recent kiss, the one you'll see in the new movie.

The movie, she says, represents "the veil of illusion on life being broken.

There must have been a glitch in the Matrix because Neo, Trinity and Morpheus reunited in Hollywood.

She misheard the cues from the wire people, masters of movie aeronautics but Chinese speakers all, and she dropped a little too soon, a little too hard.