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Dating down a grade

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"There’s a terror I don’t need to tell you about however. It’s been slapped on every billboard and leaflet you've ever seen pertaining to the Protoss, and it is truly one of the most fearsome sights you could ever behold.

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The colossus's slender legs were designed to carry its massive weight with ease, while allowing for the traversal of rough terrain and steep elevations.Over time, many colossi were found and unearthed by Tal'darim who sought superior firepower.Lower ranking ascendants often dare one another to disable and commandeer an active colossus.Liquor of all types - bourbon, rye, gin, cognac, scotch, etc.- was bottled in a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes ranging from small flasks that held a few ounces to demijohns and carboys that held gallons.In the single-player campaign of Legacy of the Void, the colossus is one of three robotic siege units the player may use, the others being the reaver and wrathwalker.

The colossus has the passive ability Fire Beam, which sets the ground hit by its attacks on fire, dealing 100 damage over 5 seconds to enemies nearby.

If one succeeds, the Tal'darim gain a powerful war machine. strong against marines, zealots, hydralisks and zerglings; weak against thors, immortals, ultralisks; and extremely vulnerable to anti-air viking, phoenix, and corruptor.

The colossus appears to step over ledges due to Star Craft II's inverse kinematics (IK) system.

As with virtually all of the bottle type categories to follow, liquor bottle diversity is staggeringly complex in depth and variety.

The pictures on this page show just a small bit of this variety.

As such, the Conclave outlawed the manufacture of colossi, and existing machines were deactivated before being sealed away.