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Your Texting Makes Them Uncomfortable While many people keep things in text land too long, there are the people who come on too strong.

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At first, I thought he was just being cute and was nervous, but after a few dates, reality hit.It’s safe to say that with the technology-driven world we live in, most of us are opting out of going out to a bar with our friends to hook up, and instead we now opt to go through the easier route: through social media.When you do find someone that piques your interest, it usually instantly leads to you swapping phone numbers and texting or talking on the phone.Sometimes when texting, it can be a little awkward, and you feel like you don’t have anything to say or you keep replying back with an emoji, because you’re not sure what to say next.One time, I had this crush on a guy who I thought was just so cute. In the beginning, we would text a lot, and I would try to ask him more personal questions here and there, but he would always text me with these witty comments and jokes, no matter what we were talking about, and to be honest, in the beginning I thought he was hilarious. They were the perfect blend of sarcasm, humor and intelligence.We talk to literally tens of thousands of prospective students who are interested in joining the Stylelife Academy.

As such, we hear a number of problems that people have when it comes to texting.

A date is much more likely to bring the two of you closer than texting ever will.

Flirt with them, but avoid chit chatting and always be thinking about how you’re moving toward the date.

It doesn’t matter if you met someone out at a bar or on Tinder: You wish you were better at texting. It’s 2016 and while texting technology isn’t exactly in its infancy anymore, you have a fraction of the experience with this that you do with talking to potential dates in the flesh.

You can improve your text game, but it starts with a realistic appraisal of your own personal challenges.

We believe there’s a very simple solution to this: Keep it non-sexual, make a question, and end by inviting them out to do something.