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Dating turn ons

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.don't think this has been done! I guess my reply offended him cause he deleted his account...shame really...random thought.. If he listen's to what I have to say,not just nod and uh yes. That would probably doom the chance of finding some, and then most relationships from the start, and of course make finding the right one a very long process and lead to the risk of when finding the right one, if it crashed, of personal devistation. I tossed a little of " turn offs mixed with turn ons."I really didn`t expect any guy to be all this .i know biggest turn offs lets are the biggest turn ons on a ''first date''? The "girly - girl" look described early is also a big one. LOL show up on time, open the door for me, and take me somewhere "comfortable" for both of us, not somewhere too stuffy or high class but not some dive either, find the happy middle, somewhere we can relax and enjoy eachothers company, most of all, be yourself, i know on a first date most people are on their "best behavior" but please let me get to know the real person not a persona. Arriving with a rose is always a great way to start a date off with me. Oh must important of all he has to be single and not just tell me he's single. Whether it is thru POF or in the real world, the biggest thing is to have fun with it and enjoy it and be who you are! the thread was " biggest turn ons on a first date" . I have met 1 person from the site who I had a year long relationship with. They are out and I know of some but some of the " old fashion" is wearing off a bit in our society.

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There could be so many answers to this, because we all react to different turn-ons. A dress(especially the "peasant" variety..get my attention every time)!!! If she's into that great but not everyone is, at least approach it with a bit of class. I am basically looking for a gentleman and its seems old fashion is completely ''out of fashion " Thanks for the advice. Sometimes it's the little things that make a big impact - like having the forethought to bring her own handcuffs. ( appropriate to the occassion and location)polite but not solicitous....nothing turn me off faster than condescention..( an ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure)interested but not over-eager..(don't ignore me or be ogling other women..don't be pawing at me .. Several obvious options.....1.conversation in a sober condition2.conversation in a conscious form3.decaf... Sorry if I offended anyone with my stab at adding some fun to these bitterly boring threads as of late... Seriously, what turns me on the most is a woman with a strong and active mind - a woman who articulately expresses her own views, rather than just parroting Oprah. might get ya contact .MY eyes not my chest...(tits might be nice but they won't answer you...) I honestly don't care if he has 3 eyes and no ears...unless of course he wears a hat.. but a functioning brain is SO SEXY...passion about things that really matter .. if none of these have anything to do with the up previously mentioned.. I guess I was just trying to add a lil humour to these threads.. and complained about how many people waste money at theatres....sheeeessshhh. to me its all pretty basic but I am never surprised by the guys who will show up for a date unshaved and dirty shirt and then will flirt with the waitress or keep their eyes below my neck line. One guy actually refused to buy me popcorn and complained how fattening the popcorn was and how eat only eats " healthy" and how it cost too much .. Warm and wonderful, full of wit, passionate about life and I see this in her.

Don`t talk about your X ( a definate no second date ticket)Don`t be foul mouthed. And now recently I have found a woman who lit the spark.

We all find ourselves attracted to something a little different.

Maybe others wouldn't these things in this woman, but I think that is the beauty of us all as human beings.

Here’s what they had to say: Turn-offs: What is notable is that there 10 more turns-ons on the list than turnoffs, which means to me, men really love and want to see the best in the women they date.

In closing, if you are new to dating after divorce, it’s great to remember these turn-ons and turn-offs, but it’s even more important to love yourself and be yourself.

One day, I got the courage to ask her if she was enjoying a book we were both reading for literature class.