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Charly Lester is the founder of The Dating Awards - industry awards for dating sites, apps, matchmakers and experts.

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After all - you could wear contacts or have opted for laser correction.

and I like to think that us glasses wearers are as intelligent as all the stereotypes suggest!

SPEX brings together two of the most exciting companies currently active in the dating industry.

More than 50% of the population wear glasses, and yet they are still seen as something of a novelty feature, with many glasses-wearers avoiding them at all costs. Because they think they make them look geeky, nerdy, or unattractive.

And yet we believe that glasses can make you look great! SPEX is the dating site for singles who wear glasses, and those who find glasses-wearers attractive SPEX is the brainchild of dating industry expert Charly Lester, who is a glasses-wearer herself.

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