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Gigi lai dating

When the reporters repeatly questioned her on this, she finally revealed that he is a businessman, and referred to him as Mr G.

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He had done Fortunately, her brother's condition improved and now he is able to eat his own food.His head hit the pavement and blood was flowing non-stop from his head.It was reported earlier that her brother might become a 'vegetable'. Lai does not usually talk about her love life in public, but for this year's Valentine's day, she revealed that she received flowers and presents and admitted that she is currently in a relationship.With some persistence from the reporters, Gigi revealed that her boyfriend is a businessman, called Mr G.Later on, she started acting in series and she caught the audience's attention most in 2004's War and Beauty. There were many debates about this among the netizens as whether she deserved the award.

Over the years, she has developed and maintained many good relationships with her fellow colleagues/friends. In their younger years, Gigi enjoyed pinching his cheeks and snatching his toys.

Gigi would like a guy who is responsible and loving towards her. Now, he is a well-known dermatologist with his own clinic.

He once asked her to retire from acting and let him take care of her (he is actually very rich).

gigi must really love this guy to actually reveal that she's in a relationship to the press..this couple all the best and i think it'd be great if she were to get married and settle down This is good news for the HK Entertainment Industry this year as opposed to the Edison Sex Scandal and Lydia Shum's death. I hope she gets married soon and makes some pretty babies before it's too late. that's crazy to hear that gigi is in a relationship.

i can still remember reading about how she isn't dating and she is goin to wait for the right man.

But in May last year, his dream of taking care of his sister, is all shattered, as he was involved in a serious car accident.