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Goranga dating system prostitution

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And from the parent's answers they'll decide to became a warrior or a priest or a thief... ))))You can also give them pocket money to something with....

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After the consent of the heroine to marry it was offered to buy a wedding dress then it, in a wedding dress, and her spouse moved to a church location, and under wedding music the heroine went to an altar where it was waited by the groom, and there was a wedding.i have intalled the mod along with obse (latest one) and i have oblivion patched to v120416. Also, if you use this version you need Shivering isles expansion. The ' GDS.esp' file resides in the DATA folder too. Now i am in the IC Market District, trying to "L" hotkey random npcs, nothing happens. i've spent quite a number of hours on this to no avail. Notice how you need to target NPC so his name appears in lower right corner. If you download this version of this mod, you need to play female and date males.Now i am constantly trying to hit L as explained in the screenshot to no avail. hell i have tried it on every npc, even the countess from Anvil but nothing happens. @ Goranga : Sorry man, i have tried a completely fresh install since i was running so many mods at the same time, anyway, here is what i have running in the following order, accoridng to OBMM : 1. and also, this time i have vanilla body meshes, i.e no HGEC mods! If you have expansion SI, you can play the full version of this mod. That man's nps absolutely did not stir to game, it is possible to provide in a script a pause mode between approaches nps.It would be quite good to realise dependence on beauty of the heroine and riches nps which tries to get acquainted with it and to get relations but as it can be made, I represent.It will contain features like pregnancy, having kids and kids growing up. One day they'll enter a guild on their choice and get certain equipement... Both markers (public and home) are putted manually in the location (through dialog options). Neeshka isn't a CM companion but as I know the only companion working fine even without the way, in ' Companion Hilda' there is a script that puts home marker automatically in vanilla Oblivion towns. The author probably used coordinates for home and some other places that you can mark.

I will add some other features as well, like prostitution. It can be set some AI package where you use radius for wandering around and doing other things and later returning to "marked place". About this school thing, the location of the school suppose to be set beforehand (with xmarker).

If something was pleasant to you, I will be very glad. After that fashions it is possible to name safely as Life system and to carry to the category of the global. There will be many features from dating, prostitution to other relationships that you can make with NPCs.

I hope, you can read the text.))))) I will not make Goranga dating system III will make completely new mod called Goranga real life system. I don't know about jobs, hunger, thirst, sleeping immersion (i thought about putting all of those). The sex system is only plug in into other systems (but important one I think).

[Oblivion (patched to v1.2.0416English) Knights of the Nine Shivering Isles Expansion] 2.

I will soon make some updates of Goranga dating system. It is not necessary for them to choose the same class like PC, because they simply can decide not to follow their parents' way. She has some packages to spend her daytime in the public locations talking with other NPCs and eating in the taverns.

If it all goes as planed, dialogs will be fully voiced (in English). At example boys can fight other boys with wooden swords etc... That means you need to do it manualy, which can be done only in vanilla oblivion (it's way too much work to make it compatible with every mod and expansion out there).