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A maximum of three units is allowed for competitions.

First-year students cannot take more than one one-unit class in the spring of their 1L year.1.2 Units of Credit Students earn units of credit by satisfactory completion of: (a) courses and seminars given in the School of Law; (b) Non-classroom projects under faculty supervision (see Rule3.1); (1) dissertations (see Rule 3.2); (2) faculty supervised research, writing, or study (see Rule 3.3); (3) work done under other faculties of the University, including work in concurrent-degree programs (see Rule 4); or (4) work in other law schools (see Rule 6).(c) Residence Credit Students earn one semester of residence credit for each semester in which they complete an approved program of no fewer than ten units of credit.[Concerning enrollment in courses in other departments of the University, see Rule 4.1(a).] Rule 3 The Law 295-299 Series 3.1 The 295 Series (a) In General Second- and third-year students may earn credit for student-initiated educational projects including, among others, work under the supervision of judges or practitioners, student-taught courses, editing for scholarly publications, and work on the Moot Court Board and the Mc Baine competition.In all cases, credit limitations of Rule 3.1(b) and Rule 5 apply.Starting with the class of 2018, courses fulfilling subsections (e) – (g) below cannot be double counted to fulfill multiple requirements. Experiential courses include a simulation course, a law clinic, or a field placement.

Classes prior to 2019 are required to complete, as either a 2L or a 3L, a professional skills course, which for the purposes of this rule is defined as an experiential course; (g) fulfillment of the Writing Requirement during the third, fourth or fifth semester (see Rule 1.2(e); Appendix B); and (h) completion of eighty-five units of credit.

A maximum of one unit per semester is allowed and students may receive credit for a maximum of two semesters, for a total maximum of two units.

(2) Advocacy Work, Law 295.3 The Chair of the Moot Court Board and the Directors of the Mc Baine Competition will follow the procedure in (a) above for submission of names of students who wish to receive credit for work in the Mc Baine Competition and in other competitions in lawyering skills approved by the Dean.

The Dean must approve all petitions for Law 295 credit.

(b) Types of Law 295; Limitations on Credit The following are the specific types of Law 295 activity in which a second or third year student may enroll and the respective limitations on credit.

(3) Field Placement and Domestic Violence Practicum, Law 295.6, 295.7 Students may enroll in a field placement of 16 to 40 hours a week in a non-profit or government agency under the supervision of an attorney.