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Gta iv pc dating

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Grand Theft Auto PC has finally arrived after a good few months of waiting.Unchangeable in the game at release this meant, naturally, that reflections on water and such looked incredible but came at a big performance cost.Equally, shadows at night caused a lot of work for the system without a big payout visually.Michelle notes that the carnival is closed for repairs and suggests the two play a few frames of bowling.The two walk to the bowling alley and play a game of bowling.These can now be mitigated in the GTA IV: Episodes, though some might argue that it’s too little, too late.

Also the Rockstar Social Club is no longer its own little program sitting in the taskbar; it’s just a log in when you start playing, no more egregious than a log in for an MMO, particularly as it saves your password.

So one of the key questions PC gamers are likely to want answered is whether or not anything has changed under the hood? Most of these changes are admittedly those that players of the original GTA IV have seen over the year in patches though.

There are expanded graphics options that let you extend full control over anything that’s hammering your framerate, the chief culprit usually being the resolution on reflections.

Niko receives a phone call from Michelle asking him to go out on a date.

When Niko arrives at ther apartment, he comments to Michelle her house is very clean, and she asks him where he is taking her.

So, if not a sequel, what is GTA: EFLC, apart from an unwieldy abbreviation if ever there was one?