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Heather graham actress dating

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Heather's daughter, Ava Sambora was reportedly present when her mom and boyfriend got into the physical altercation.The boyfriend, Chris Heisser, was arrested for a DUI hours after the incident.

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The 56-year-old reportedly threatened to shoot police officers when they arrived and told them their children deserved to die.If you look at people who are rigid about sexuality they are at the same time doing something dark on the side.” The 43-year-old returns to comedy franchise The Hangover in the third instalment, reprising her sexy character Jade from the second movie.Heather is also working on her own script, which aims to change the things about the film industry which she views as "sexist", such as the small amount of female directors.At one point in their relaxing day, Graham took a break from working on her tan and went for a swim in the ocean as her beau looked on from the sand.By all accounts, it looks like Graham and Harcott couldn't have cared less who spotted their hot and heavy beachside PDA.Well, the star explained in an interview with Refinery29 that she tries "to avoid white flour" and is "obsessed with yoga" and Pilates.

'In the past, I think I was always waiting for someone to give me my dream job and then I realized that I was going to give myself my dream job.

So, I just wrote and directed a movie- which was so fun and fulfilling.' Graham told the Huffington Post in July: 'I never laughed so hard. One of my biggest problems on set was trying not to laugh and ruin the take!

The two got very close as they cuddled together in a hammock made for one, with Heather looking very comfy on her man-cushion, while her beau displayed impressive balancing.

She's also, in recent months, posted photos with Heisser, who she first met as a teenager. According to recent reports, Heather's family and friends have urged her to re-enter treatment.

She has been hard at work promoting her directorial debut, Half Magic.

That's (almost) exactly what Heather Graham had in mind when celebrating her 45th birthday on Jan. The gorgeous actress was seen gallivanting along the coast in Tulum with her boyfriend Tyler Harcott, and proudly showing off her sensational figure in a multicolored bikini.