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So research these elsewhere to see the ratings we'd use today, but from the 1956-57 ones the ratings look like RMS so only later did the USA type misleading ratings begin. If noted in the book, output valves that are still favoured today are noted: EL84, EL34, KT66 & KT88.Interesting to see how often these were used & why modern amps still use them.

They will be very old by now & 25w valves will sound nothing like their best or what you'd like perhaps.They will be very musical, but bass light & treble rolled off.A true Retro sound like a big 1950s Jukebox, fun factor high, fidelity soft.These books are around as age of original owner is now 57 years ago & assume reader was 30-50 then so time brings them out.To us, we found the book a little dull & skipped through a bit.No-one else has formed these opinions, so don't steal them as yours. We are using the Hifi Year Book as we have the whole set 1956-1981.

Please do not link to our site on ebay sales trying to use our unique info to play buyers for a sale suggesting we are authorising their sale, as we are not. To list all interesting amps from these years is the idea, not interested in a full list, only cherry picking the better ones & interesting ones.

For Transistors 20w is usually the limit, unless notable, increasing to 40w as on the receivers.

For Valves 10w was actually a high power in 1958 so 10w minimum unless an early Integrated.

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As noted on the Quad, AZ Senior CU/A 20w £40; AZ Junior Mk II 10w EL84 £22, Three Channel setup: CU/A Bass 22w KT61 , Treble 1.5w ECL80 & Centre(Midrange? The earliest appearance of this idea we don't like, phase errors abound.; That was interesting. Gives the idea only high power ones were sold, but there will have been plenty of the 3w type & Kits in this era.