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She's obviously a dirty girl looking at all the sex club pics and clips.

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I viewed them again last night and I'm on a cloud today.If she ever branches out on her own, though--look the hell out, because she will show us amazing things.Did this retirement occur since her last shoot with Pavel Kiselev, in the first week of February of this year?Women--even women as irresistibly hot as she is--tend to go along with their man's plans, especially of that man happens to be rich.It's very fortunate that she has at least done work for Stacy Q.Your smarmy condescending bullshit is entirely misplaced here.

Why do beta's always assume that a hot girl must have a rich man? Or that she is would be this poor beautiful yet helpless and man-dependent individual?

I think all those modest sets she did set up the kind of sexual tension that just makes these photos explode off the screen. (Well, I can't speak for you, but I was elated! Natalia could be the most popular HC performer ever, if she'd be willing to do it. I predicted her Playboy success, based on her MPL work.

Wish I could predict her in HC, but that isn't such a sure thing. Serious collectors with money will no doubt find these series well worth it, with the less inhibited posing. I know times are very, very tough for porn producers these days, what with the rampant piracy, but I'm not sure jacking up the prices is the answer.unreleased hair?

She's so close to proper b/g porn but just won't do it?

With her new puppy @ photo shoot: Don't know who is more cute, the pup or Nati :=) a picture from a past sex party, so maybe never ('where can we find that? But her husband obviously likes sharing her, and he obviously likes her making videos. And if this girl ever goes off on her own without the guy, look the hell out, because you will see some serious shit.

or perhaps the shoot with Alexander Savichev a week later? Notice also it said the other partner websites are Showy Beauty and Stunning18. i am grateful for what we have but i just fingers crossed hope if more comes that it keeps the climax going.