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In those days, men's shirts sold for 47 cents and infant dresses ranged from 25 cents to $4.50, according to an old newspaper advertisement. Kumpitsch, the Nap-A-Minit painless dentist, was located over Dean Lunch ("It's The Food") in the Hodson Building on the corner of Bank and Center Streets in the 1920s.

Similarly most of them are too preoccupied with their jobs, family, traveling and other stuff to be constantly making out.Bauby's Corner is partially obscured behind the tree. was founded in 1882 and was known as The Waterbury Horse Railroad. "Freedom Through Organization"People wait for a bus at Bauby's Corner on Exchange Place on the morning of August 19, 1955 as Hurricane Diane strikes Waterbury.Over 10 inches of torrential rain from the hurricane, on top of the 6 inches of rain from Hurricane Connie less than a week earlier, produced the Great Flood of 1955 that devastated Waterbury and the entire Naugatuck Valley.Many rock stars are too exhausted after a concert to immediately get it on with their groupies, for instance.Even though this trope can be Truth in Television for some very attractive people, most of the time the amount of sex they have is grossly exaggerated.The landmark Apothecaries Building is in the center at the intersection of South Main and Bank Streets. Their Waterbury trolley routes were leased to the Connecticut Company, a subsidiary of the New Haven Railroad, on August 1,? The leased routes were turned back to CR&L on November 16, 1936.

View a larger version of the 1953 photo which shows greater detail, including the Carroll's Cut Rate store across East Main Street from Liggett's Rexall Drug Store. All the trolley lines were converted to bus routes by 1937. / Name Trolley Route Letter Trolley Discontinued11 Overlook D 5/23/3712 Hill Street13 Oakville (Cooke Street Line)15 Bucks Hill / Fairmount16 Bucks Hill / Farmcrest H 4/ 4/3718 Long Hill 20 Walnut22 Wolcott 25 Hitchcock Lake 26 Fairlawn27 Reidville / East Main D 8/ 5/3428 Scott Road31 East Mountain32 Hopeville / Sylvan33 Hopeville / Baldwin C 1/11/3135 Town Plot / New Haven36 Town Plot / Bradley H 4/ 4/3740 Town Plot / Highland42 Chase Parkway 5/28/3044 Bunker Hill (Bunker Hill Transportation Co.)45 Watertown 5/23/37Trolleys and busses in Waterbury were operated by members of Division 570 of the Amalgamated Association of Street Electric Railway and Motorcoach Employees of America Union.

Often described as man-hungry, easy, loose or fast. Also, Lady Drunk frequently claims to have been one of these in her youth. Extreme Omnisexual is related, for characters that are than bisexuals.

In a more rural setting, she is often branded the "village bicycle" (been everywhere and everyone's had a ride...). See also Everybody Has Lots of Sex for cases where this Trope more-or-less applies to the entire cast of a work.

This sometimes overlaps with being evil, but is also a staple of sitcoms where it's more used as a simple source of humor. Anything That Moves is a subtrope, and one of the few cases where a male character will typically be portrayed badly for it.

Jokes will usually play on her astonishing number and variety of partners. An Ethical Slut is a specific, more modern subtrope which isn't portrayed negatively.

Howland-Hughes originally opened as a dry-goods store during a March snowstorm in 1890.