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Mtv reality dating show

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He also claims Lufti gave narcotics and illicit benzodiazepines to Frances and Courtney.

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), here, we've rounded up and ranked the 10 best MTV sort-of reality shows that we miss the most (except for two that are still alive and kicking today! Keep reading for a trip down cringe-worthy lane paved with the best the mid- to late-2000s had to offer. Celebrating its 15th anniversary (and 15th year on the air), the self-improvement show still holds true to its original formula.The auditions were a bit cheesy, no doubt, but the real meat of was in its depictions of the unwelcome boyfriend or girlfriend.They were shown as common villains with bad habits and worse attitudes.'s success lies in the three fun facts provided about each participant as they exit the bus (that, and the fact that the person dates could literally scream next upon first glance of their suitors, ending the date before it even began).For example, a contestant Brian was equal parts "terrified of large, mean women" and fantasizing "about the , actually one of the longer running shows (2006-2010), showed parents screening potential matches for their children in hopes of luring them away from their undesirable significant other.), flat-screen TVs, and state of the art sound systems, they would also always be "pimped" with completely outlandish add-ons that usually reflected the car owner's interests. Everything about Date My Mom screamed "No, not okay! But, like most great, sort of creepy MTV reality show premises, it was a hit.

Like, for example, a hot tub for practical dipping once in a while. Brilliant in its complete absurdity (Freud would have a field day!

What's creepier than young adults getting televised plastic surgery to improve their still young, probably developing faces and bodies?

Young adults getting televised plastic surgery to look like celebrities.

MTV issued a statement about Clay, saying, "We are saddened by the news of Clay Adler's passing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time."Reality TV star Clay Adler is dead after intentionally shooting himself during a trip to the desert with friends ... Clay appeared on 2 seasons of the MTV reality show, "Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County." Law enforcement sources tell us Clay and his pals went shooting in the desert on March 25.

, which somehow aired for two full seasons, showed teenagers and 20-somethings play Mr.