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Ntp not updating cisco

ntp not updating cisco-3

Notice, however, that the hardware clock has If we were to reboot the router, the software clock would be resynchronized with the hardware clock upon boot and revert to the incorrect time.We could set the hardware clock manually as we did with the software clock using the command Router(config)# clock timezone EST -5 Router(config)# *Mar 27 .855: %SYS-6-CLOCKUPDATE: System clock has been updated from UTC Sun Mar 27 2011 to EST Sun Mar 27 2011, configured from console by console.

ntp not updating cisco-87

Router# show clock detail .075 EDT Sun Mar 27 2011 Time source is hardware calendar Summer time starts EST Sun Mar 13 2011 Summer time ends EDT Sun Nov 6 2011 Obviously, setting the current time by hand isn't sufficient when dealing in millisecond granularities.and then said that it was due to the inconsistency in delay on the circuit.i had my customer turn their router into a ntp master and i was still not able to sync over the lan.other then a hardware problem does anybody have any ideas of what else the problem may be?ios is c2600-is-mz.123-10dand all three routers are configured exactly teh same as my other 65 routers that sync no 3 routers have this for the ntp configntp source Loopback0ntp server y.y.server x.x.server y.y.y.y:ntp source Loopback0ntp master 3ntp peer x.x.server x.x.x.x:ntp source Loopback0ntp master 3ntp peer y.y.y.ythis has been bugging me for a while and im at the point where i think im going to change out the routers for new ones unless anybody has come across this before?NTP servers are described in terms of (hierarchical levels); the lower a server's stratum, the more accurate it is.Stratum 0 servers maintain time directly from the Global Positioning System, atomic clocks, or other sources with a high degree of precision.Many networkers underestimate the importance of keeping accurate time on all devices across a network.

This is particularly true among smaller companies without strong IT policies.

NTP allows for regular, automatic synchronization of a device clock with one or more time servers which provide accurate time.

NTP allows clocks to be synchronized over networks with variable delay, such as the Internet.

Cheers and good luck Hello there, the command is in global config mode (config t): clock For the client router to be able to update it's clock from ntp master/server has to have it's own clock up and running before being able to syn it to the ntp server.

More info about clock and ntp clock-period at: tecnikall,ive tried all of those commands all ready.

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the global standard for time representation.