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Jim Arnott, the sheriff who caused the charges to be brought against Carol, also has been tied to Greitens and claimed to be a supporter before the governor's election in November 2016. He pointed at Carol and said, "She assaulted a law enforcement officer," and then apparently ensured (with the help of prosecutor Dan Patterson) that a "cover charge" was brought to help cover up gross civil-rights violations. The charge was dismissed during jury selection, but a special prosecutor was considering whether to refile charges.Arnott stood about five feet away and watched an officer slam Carol butt-first to the ground and then yank on her arms in an upward and backward motion, causing severe bruising on her right arm and breaking her left arm. Arnott and Harmison, both Republicans, appear to be politically aligned, and we have seen signs that there is not an ounce of integrity between them. Prosecutors say he took a compromising photo of a woman with whom he had an affair without her consent in 2015, before his election.

It is the duty of the Quartermaster’s Department to build, repair and keep in order all buildings and to take care of all property not specially in charge of other officers. He is a member of one of the oldest, most respectable and at one time most influential families in Maryland, as I’ve been informed. We shall be happy to hear that we have been misled in the matter. The resignation hits close to home here at Legal Schnauzer because Greitens appointed Greene County Associate Circuit Judge Jerry A.Harmison Jr., who is overseeing the bogus "assault on a law enforcement officer" case against my wife, Carol. Some time before I was released he was taken from the guard-room cell and placed in a casemate by himself, but after making an attempt to escape one tempestuous night by springing from the wall into the raging tide, although not knowing how to swim, he was not allowed to leave the room under any circumstances, and a sergeant (selected I verily believe on account of his known harsh demeanor) was confined in the room with him night and day armed with a loaded musket. He was allowed no communication whatever with any one inside of the fort, his jailers excepted, and this has been continued up to the time that I left Fort Lafayette. We don't have a clear-cut answer to that question yet, but much of the governor's problems stem from efforts to procure and hide campaign donations.

If it proves Harmison was involved in donation issues, a most unwelcome spotlight might wind up shining on a most crooked judge.

BIRD, Superintendent South Side Railroad Company, Petersburg: I regret very much that supposing me to be ignorant of the number of troops ordered forward by myself you should communicate our movements in the way you have done. I will close by remarking that Surgeon Lane, in my office, while speaking on this subject used highly improper and insubordinate language, for which I was obliged to rebuke him and warn him that a repetition would cause his arrest. I do not propose that the person who may be selected as a hostage for him should be treated in a personally retaliatory manner, for I think that such a course would not only be unproductive of any desired results but would be derogatory to the honor of a Christian nation in a civilized and enlightened age.

As to the number of officers at the post I will remark-a captain, two lieutenants, one quartermaster, one commissary and three sergeants and one barrack master are none too much for a post containing some one hundred and eighty houses and covering a very large extent containing between three and four thousand men; besides which one of the subalterns is intended for Chimborazo as soon as a commander can be found. Chambliss, whose report is quoted, nor have I seen the report. It is thought that our Government has acted with the most unmerited indifference toward him.

The order was received at Camp Winder as soon as issued. RANDOLPH, Secretary of War: In accordance with your suggestion and for the purpose of drawing your attention more directly to the matter I take the liberty of addressing you a written communication in behalf of Colonel Zarvona* (more commonly known as the French Lady) and in reference to your taking some action in his case.

I represented the necessity for a commanding officer and guard, which was accordingly ordered by the War Department.

Greene County sheriff's deputies brutalized Carol during an unlawful eviction in September 2015 and left her with a comminuted fracture of the left arm, requiring trauma surgery and months of physical therapy.