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If we can all refuse to buy, eat or purchase native wildlife products and express our disgust in the industry, then every single person can help slow down this incredibly disastrous wildlife atrocity. In 1997, on a balmy still September night in the tranquil Australian bushland of the Northern Territories Tomkinson River (near the township of Maningrida), a gorgeous 16-year-old girl named Annie is alerted to the dull mechanical thud of a vehicle heading her way.

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Putting words on paper is one of the ways I work out my salvation.This current example we've set - that eating, killing and wearing wildlife products is legal and 'sustainable' is obviously the greatest disaster for today's wildlife.If we don't eliminate "Sustainable Use" now it will be too late.and by losing we mean his ankle is shattered in THREE places, and the video is brutal. READ MORE We're about to reach a whole new level of Steve-O craziness ... and he's doing it in the name of UFC fighter Tim Kennedy. READ MORE Steve-O has a direct DNA link with Sandra Bullock through his new gf -- but he's not celebrating -- in fact, he walked out on a radio interview because of it. Dunn, 34, died in a car crash in June in West Chester, Pennsylvania with his passenger Zachary Hartwell.Completely confused and dazed shes not sure what to do.

Before she can react, a searing pain strikes her in the neck as two long sharp barbs of steel penetrate deep into her flesh. Those men know she cant get the barbs out and its just a matter of wearing her down and dragging her to them.

Writing helps me to hold up in front of myself what I believe and what I aspire to be. But as is typical in any kind of ministry, what’s been meaningful and insightful to me tends to also be meaningful and insightful for other people.

Continue reading Every year I have the opportunity to do two weeks of intensive biblical counseling training with prospective pastors in our family of churches.

If you are looking for ways to make counseling training more ‘reality based’ in a classroom setting, consider the role-play ideas below.

Continue reading In December 2017, the BCC Annual Leadership Summit was dedicated to discussing the natural connection between disability ministry and biblical counseling.

This week’s episode of is the first in a series of short interviews between various biblical counselors and Joni Eareckson Tada.