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Tessa virtue and scott moir dating jessica dube

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“And for the longest time before that they didn’t even know what was wrong with her.” Yes, it’s been quite the ride for Canada’s golden duo, the youngest ice dance gold medallists in history, and the first North Americans to win the event in its 30-year Olympic history.It makes their victory, following a near-flawless skate on Monday, even more remarkable.

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The newly minted Olympic and world champions laugh off the inadvertent kiss — the first in their 13 years together — as an occupational hazard.“It was so funny, we went to do the move the next time and she couldn't look at me,” Moir said laughing. Much has been made of their relationship since the two captured the country's imagination at the Vancouver Games, becoming Canada's first Olympic ice dance gold medalists.Unknown to the average onlooker, the two say there's a lot of improvisation that goes on when they're gliding around the ice.“Oh god yeah, that's the fun,” Moir said.“We can talk and you can't see me, I'm very good at that.“Last year was very tough,” says their coach and choreographer, Igor Shpilband.In October 2008, Virtue went under the knife to relieve pain in her shins, the result of chronic exertional compartment syndrome (each of her calves still bears four circular scars from the surgery).They followed up their breathtaking performance in Vancouver with their first world championship title this week, delighting the fans with their sublime skating and undeniable chemistry.

A day after Canada's favourite couple — that is actually not really a couple — captured gold at the Palavela ice rink, Virtue and Moir talked about not-so-gentle nudges they've received in messages from fans since Vancouver.

“We always joke that when we're really old, we'll be taking ballroom together.

So we'll still be hanging out, I can't imagine not being in each other's lives in some way.”The two joked about making a date to skate together once a week.“We'll just say ‘okay, OD (original dance) from 2005,' and we'll just skate that and have some fun,” Moir said.

Moir’s mom Alma and her twin sister Carol both skated competitively, then later coached; his older brothers Danny and Charlie also competed.

“I never coached my own boys,” says Alma, chuckling. I coached her daughters—that was our trade-off.” It was Carol who first thought of pairing Virtue, from nearby London, with Moir.

Virtue, 20, and Moir, 22, missed most of the 2008-2009 season while she recuperated from surgery to both of her legs.