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Updating a row in a gridview

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Update only changed gridview rows Hi I have a an edit form which has a gridview populated from db.

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I bind the different datasource to the Gridview when I change the node of Tree View, the Grid View control always display the same data when I click different the node of Tree View control,why?Update only changed rows of a gridview hi i have a gridview of 10 rows, once i click edit button .all rows will be in edit,now i have made change in 5, 6 rows. now i do not want to iterate each row one by one for u knw, i have made change in 5,6 so i want to iterate only those which i have edited.and i can update into database.i do not want to iterate all the rows. the code behind is thisprotected void Btn_Ok_Click(object sender, Event Args e) {  ...I have the Checkbox bound to the proper field, but no updates are made. How are you capturing the Check Box values before you update the fields, Try setting autopostback=true(though t...

What's wrong with Data Bind() in Grid View control?

The data in Grid View can't be updated when the datasource have changed!

What's wrong with Data Bind() in Grid View control?

I click the update link after I change the input data. ASP: Updating and binding control to other controls within the same row of a Grid View Hi In the Edit Template of my Grid View I show 2 Drop Down Lists. hi, i'm not sure if you want the gridview to change color or the gridview row containing the checked/unchecked checkbox to change color upon selection.

I debug through it and it shows that the update is complete but then when On Row Updating function is done the update and cancel links are still there. When the user selects the first dropdownlist, I need it to update the contents of the second dropdownlist. Add("On Click", " Color = ' Red';"); Thanks, Max Let Me Google That For You! Hi, this can be done with the help of j Query, a great & free javascript library. I assume the gridviewrow and as such i have written a small sample code.

it did catch errors on my code upon checking a checkbox but once errors were gone it doesnt run. even ran a trace on the database while doing so and stored procedure is not called. Q I hope you understand my question, all i need to do is replace the text box controls with a dropdown list when i am editing a row in ... Change color of gridview row when we click row checkbox clear when we unclick Hi frinds// I have question..