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Updating visual studio 2016

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Download it, connect it to your VSTS instance, and immediately see your data come to life.Submit your feedback to [email protected] provide insight into how the solution template is working for you.

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• Which Work Items are outstanding, by employee, project, and date?If you are interested in customization options, reach out to [email protected] Build 1709 (Fall Creators Update), all my Microsoft Office 2016 products take 10X longer to load than the initialization time under Build 1703.View Key Performance Metrics by story points, work complete, work remaining, and estimates.Quickly identify Work Items that are past due, the resources assigned to them, and the projects in danger of falling behind.Again, see the Platform Targeting and Compatibility article for details on project support in Visual Studio 2017.

The following list describes support in Visual Studio 2017 for projects that were created in earlier versions.

• What is my distribution of Work Items by resource, project, and task stage?

• What percent of my Work Items are bugs, epics, features, issues, tasks, or case studies?

Important This present article provides details only for project types in Visual Studio 2017 that involve migration.

It does not include supported project types that have no migration issues; that list is found on Platform Targeting and Compatibility.

If you don't have the workload installed, Visual Studio reports an unknown or incompatible project type.