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Wpf listview binding not updating

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interface is typically used to break compatibility of projects with previous versions of the application.This interface is available via the SVs Solution service.

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When finished with the document handle, always call IVs Document Lock Holder. Provides programmatic access to a project's .appxmanifext file.You can get an instance of the interface using the Get Startup Service Enum(IEnum Project Startup Services) method of the IVs Project Startup Services interface.Enumerator for a collection of windows such as the open document windows.The IProffer Service interface is part of SProffer Service.Provides information about a result from an XML Web service discovery session.Close Document Holder(), usually passing (uint)__FRAMECLOSE. You can use it to open a Doc Data object provided by the Manifest Designer, ensure that it is registered in the running document table (RDT), and return a document handle object that implements two interfaces: IVs Document Lock Holder and IVs Invisible Editor.

When finished with the document handle, always call IVs Document Lock Holder. Provides a way for asynchronous service and package owners to report progress.

NET framework assemblies list (Framework List.xml). Use the SVs Assembly Name Unification (SID_Svs Assembly Name Unification) service to get an instance of the interface.

Interface describing the callback method for an asynchronous enumerator uses to indicate the next item is available.

You can find the type of document with the IReference Info interface and then use ISchema Reference Info if appropriate.

Displays the Add Item dialog with a listview control and specific Web-related controls. You can get an instance of the interface from the SVs Add Project Item Dlg (SID_SVs Add Project Item Dlg) service.

For more information, see Making Custom Projects Version-Aware.